The Secret Keepers: How to navigate shopping in Israel

By Chava Kuchar

What do all these women have in common? They are the secret keepers- the bloggers, stylists and personal shoppers who can help you navigate the shopping and cultural scene in Israel.

Where do you start when it comes to shopping in Israel? Whether it’s vintage, modest, chain-stores, chic boutiques or locally designed fashion- there is something for everyone, and while we know a lot, we don’t know it all. So we enlisted some help. Because we do know what it’s like to find ourselves in a new destination, a couple of hours spare to find something special but we don’t know where to start. Or, when we’re already familiar with a place but need help navigating the day-to-day. Perhaps even in our own city, we might need assistance. Lucky for you, it’s always available, you only need to know where to look, and it’s no different in Israel. Just click on their names for a link to their profile and contact details.

You’re welcome!

Additionally, here are some more bloggers and stylists worth following- people in the know who can offer you a greater insight into fashion, culture and a broader Israel;

Aviya Bitton- this young, religious, vintage loving IT girl won’t work for us (we have tried) but she works on her own and her styling is always on point- check out her brand new website- Solika Magazine

Yasmine Daas- this blogger and influencer’s a complete style chameleon

Subrenee- Like all of the coolest people she goes by one name, Subrenee is a DIY blogger and influencer

Haya (Chaya) Vider- Superstar fashion stylist

Osnat Chadad- Inspirational woman, designer and blogger

Khadijah- Khadijah is an established blogger and stylist, mother of one adorable Hassan.

Roza Sinaysky- an award winning hospitality and tourism blogger and influencer who calls Israel her home (see her profile piece here)