Spotlight on Alona Magzimof


She is 24, lives in Jerusalem, married, and in her 4th year of a double degree in law and economics. Because Alona has always loved art, fashion and design, she is straddling her personal commitments with styling, personal shopping and blogging and she is making it look easy. 


5 minutes with Alona:

1.     Do you consider yourself a stylist, personal shopper, influencer or blogger or all of the above?

I consider myself as a personal stylist. 

2.     How did you become a stylist?

I always had a passion for fashion, in the more recent years I started to learn about it in a more professional way and work within it.

3.     What do you love most about your job?

The ability to make my clients to feel more comfortable about their look and to use their clothes and accessories in the right way.

4.     All-time favorite piece of clothing? 

A simple striped t-shirt

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.46.48.png

5.     What makes you feel beautiful?

The perfect shoes

6.     Chocolate - milk, dark or white?

Milk of course

7.     Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I see myself producing fashion productions with all the large designers and design houses.


Autumn Edit

Alona's style is epitomesly chic and leans towards a casually tailored aesthetic- she favors the relaxed tailoring of Massimo Dutti and COS silhouette’s and Zara accessories. The next two looks are Alona's personal Autumn edits-

Collage_Fotor alona.jpg

This is classic and flattering dress perfectly suited to Autumn/ Fall, by Massimo Dutti. Topping the look of with a floral headscarf, gold earrings, also by Massimo Dutti. Wear it in the day with these Celine sunglasses and bag.


Collage_Fotor copy 2.jpg

The second look begins with this special green dress by COS- its bright and colorful. Combined with gold earrings and complimentary white high heeled shoes from ZARA, and completed with a snakeskin bag by Topshop.


Contact Alona for her styling and personal shopping services:  

+972 542230422 (0542230422) or 

More on Alona...

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(the original article was in Ivrit (Hebrew), it has been translated in English below)

She is 23 years old, lives in Jerusalem, is married and in her 3rd year of a double degree in Law and Economics. “From a young age I have thought that fashion and style are expressed not only in clothes but also in art," says Alona Magzimoff, a personal stylist and content producer at Instagram. "I have always been attached to fashion, style and the aesthetics of architecture and interior design. When I studied makeup with Natasha Danona, I went to fashion shows and studied every new designer store that opened. Now, the big dream is to produce special, big fashion shows and productions".

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.48.07.png

The item that I am most attached to emotionally or there is an interesting story behind it:

As a relatively fresh married woman, my custom-made bridal gown is the item I am most attached to. I created it with a tailor after much deliberation, the end result was beyond expectations.

I will never wear:

The bandanas that have returned to fashion, I cannot see the beauty of it.

Fashionable weakness?

Oversize sweaters, as large as possible, of all kinds of fabrics and of all colors, and of course headscarves.

Good shopping advice:

Only alone and in places not crowded with people, this is probably why I will never be able to buy at Sale.

A must-have item in every Fashionista's closet?

A small, classic black dress.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.46.34.png

How many pairs of glasses? 

15 including my sunglasses

How many pairs of jeans? 

10, I wear more tailored pants and these are often hard to find

The oldest item in the closet?

My grandmother's cardigan, the most vintage and stunning item I have in the closet.

The most expensive item in the closet?

A coat I bought in a boutique store in Milan.

Online shopping, yes or no?

It's always fun but I'm still in favor of the physical shopping experience, especially as I always like to try on the sizes.

Favorite color?

Gray in all its shades.

Network / Brand / Designer Beloved in Israel or abroad?


One item I would take to an island?


Recommended book:

Unfortunately, I do not read often but it is definitely something that needs to be adopted. However, I have piles of different fashion magazine.

Preferred leisure time?

On the sofa in front of the television, with a blanket and a cup of tea (must give justification to those who say I am an old soul).

Destination for the perfect vacation?

Italy, perfect from the south to the north.

Beloved season of the year?

Winter of course, addicted to the layers and winter atmosphere.

An admired character / inspiration?

Victoria Beckham, totally inspires me.

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