Spotlight on Meirav Rom Dabby

Known by her handle Romi Glam, Meirav Rom Dabby overhauled her life’s direction a couple years ago and followed her dream to pursue a vocation in fashion and styling. With a preference for a curated, polished and tailored aesthetic, reminiscent of the luxury resort from a bygone era past, Meirav is quite literally Glamour incarnate.

Top, Zara, Skirt, AliExpress, Shoes and Bag, both Zara, Sunglasses, Meirav’s one, Earrings, Zara

Top, Zara, Skirt, AliExpress, Shoes and Bag, both Zara, Sunglasses, Meirav’s one, Earrings, Zara

5 minutes with Meirav:

1. Do you consider yourself a stylist, personal shopper, influencer or blogger or all of the above?

I consider myself all of the above. I have been fashion blogging for the last 3 years and I work tirelessly to take good photos and build my Instagram and my brand. I have over 4000 followers and I have inspired a lot of girls who follow me.Recently, I began my journey as a personal stylist where I attend and assist 

2. Where did you grow up? Tell us a bit about it... 

I was born in Jerusalem but we moved to Holon when I was young. I grew up there until I was 27 and then I moved to Rishon Lezion.I have a bachelor's degree in business administration and communication and recently I completed a course at Shenkar on communications and PR in fashion.I am 42, married with 2 children and I always loved fashion but did not have the courage to leave a steady job and to follow my heart until recently

3.    What do you love most about your job?

After I finished studying at Shenkar, I worked for about a year and a half at the Ministry of PR at which time I started my fashion blog and during this process I realized it was my destiny. Through my blog and my styling services I love that I can help women feel better about themselves, take them on a journey of experience and learning and make them fall in love with themselves again and stop hiding under their self-doubt.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 9.12.12.png

4.    As a successful woman and presence on social media, how do you see your role in representing women, empowering women or other areas for women?

I love most the way a woman feels when she wears the perfect outfit. An outfit has the power to change a woman’s experience, it’s very exciting to see their happiness. Spending time with these women, in this space and these feelings tells me that I chose right.

It is very important to me, every styling goal for clients is very personal and is about me helping other women feel better about themselves, regardless of weight or physique nor the socioeconomic status- once a woman feels good about the clothes she wears. There is skill and technique in knowing how to hide the flaws of the body. Knowing how to accept yourself and love yourself transmits it to those around her and those around will show love in return.

Dress, Story, Hat, mango, Sunglasses, Meirav’s own, Shoes, Zara, Rings, La Flaca Loca

Dress, Story, Hat, mango, Sunglasses, Meirav’s own, Shoes, Zara, Rings, La Flaca Loca


5.    Do you have a favorite designer? Why?

I most love jewelry designer Rachel La Flaca Loca, has the most special jewelry quality and have a crazy collection of them.

6.    Do you have a favorite blogger? Why?

Sagit Shalev (Style by Swanky) is my favorite blogger for several reasons: the smart choice for its style and its perfect, its feeds stunning and has the perfect blog is certainly a source of inspiration. Another blogger I admire is the Limore Alzami (Coca style)- she is an amazing stylist who is definitely an inspiration to me in everything she does.No less important are the many stylists who I love and learn from everyday.

Blouse, Mango, Skirt, Asos, Sunglasses, RayBan, Bag, AliExpress

Blouse, Mango, Skirt, Asos, Sunglasses, RayBan, Bag, AliExpress

7.    All-time favorite piece of clothing? 

Fur Coat (synthetic) mottled bought a few years ago from Asos

8.    Favorite space to be in?


9.    What makes you feel beautiful?

Clothes, makeup and hair, everything has to be perfect, the garment must sit correctly, to be precise makeup and hair must be neat

10.  What does a typical day in your life look like? 

Every day I do something else, there are days that I just style and take photographs and there are days that I just sit and write, there are days when I go shopping and others when looking for inspiration for writing. I have no fixed agenda- I'm collaborating with all kinds of people in the industry and we often take meetings.

11.  Chocolate - milk, dark or white?

Definitely dark

Jacket, Asos, Skirt, Mango, Shoes, Zara, Bag and Sunglasses, Aldo

Jacket, Asos, Skirt, Mango, Shoes, Zara, Bag and Sunglasses, Aldo

12.  Fur or no fur?

Only synthetic absolutely not true

13.  Ugly sneakers or not?

I really love sneakers, they can be very fashionable with any outfit, even the most elegant or glam.

14.  Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Doing workshops on styling and continuing my work and personal styling

15.  Do you have a piece of advice to share with our readers (about anything)?

Do not be afraid to do what you love, there is no point in procrastinating and there is no better time to treat yourself, do it now. Love yourself and embolden yourself.  

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Yellow top, Mango (from Terminal X), DVF Polka Dot wrap dress, Nordstrom, Hat, Mango, Bag, Mango, White Shoes, Zara, Skirt, Pull&Bear, Shoes with buckle, Zara

To contact Meirav for her styling or PR services, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook or you can email her at or call her on 0522786647