Spotlight on Nitzan Avraham


Nitzan Avraham is a stylist and creative director who believes in the potential of fashion and styling. Nitzan explained that the power of clothes lies firstly, “in the action (of dressing) which we are doing every day and often more than once”. “You are your own business card” she continued, the way you dress is how you represent yourself to the world, and she asked ‘why wouldn't you want to put your best foot forward’? As a stylist, Nitzan has seen quantifiable evidence of that first impression- on the individual subject and upon others. “At the end of the day everyone wants to feel confident and good about themselves and why not?”

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5 minutes with Nitzan:

1.    Do you consider yourself a stylist, personal shopper, influencer or blogger or all of the above?

I consider myself a Stylist and Art Director, but I am not closed to future opportunities

2.    Where did you grow up? Tell us a bit about it... 

I have a twin brother and we grew up in Ramat Hasharon with our mother. Since I remember I was always designing and creating costumes for my brother and I and styling our daily outfits to kindergarten.

3.    How did you become a stylist?

I year ago Idid a styling productions and fashion PR Course at Shenkar College. I sent my final productions to some magazines and the rest developed from there.

4.   What do you love most about your job?

Wow thereis all so Much Stuff I Love about mywork! I create everyday to make my vision into a reality- its tremendously satisfying. I love the challenge of every production and the ability I have developed thanks to the fashion productions and this - to what is not to be fixed and always flow and find creative solutions to problems. Everything in the industry is dynamic, from the leaders of the industry to the people that I meet along the way. I love the teamwork and the joint energy that is created when we all work together in a production. I love that no day resembles any other.


5.    Is there something you hate about your job?

Hate is too big a word. There are the difficulties and drawbacks in every job, but yes, in the beginning sometimes it is difficult and demanding especially because you do not yet know the industry. With time, experience and motivation, you will build up your skills and abilities eventually and overcome these challenges. 

6.    Who is your favorite blogger and why? 

I do not really have a favorite blogger. I really like Chiara Fergany because she really built herself up as a influencer and celebrity in her own right. Beyond that, she is very positive and definitely dictates fashion and trends.

7.    Do you have a favorite designer? Why?

There all so many designers that I love. I am very in love with Chanel and Gucci. Coco Chanel was a hugely influential figure in my life because she was so unique for her time. Being the first female designer to liberate women from a male dominated industry, she designed controversial fashion for women, which was not only classic and elegant, but also bold and daring for the time. Coco Chanel once stated, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” I strongly resonate with this view that fashion is much more than simply clothing. I see fashion in every aspect of life. With Gucci, I'm very connected to the line of their fashion productions and everything is exactly curated and perfect and simple!


8.    What does a typical day in your life look like? 

Every day is so different from the one before and after it. In general, there are days of photography, there are collection days in which I collect the clothes from stores and build the looks and then there are days of preparation and meetings.

9.    Chocolate - milk, dark or white?

There is no specific chocolate in the their world,. As far as I am concerned, all chocolate is good and as much as possible.

10. Do you have a piece of advice to share with our readers (about anything)?

My tip is faith and perseverance! A secret to success and a good life is to believe and to remain positive to focus and work hard to achieve your goal. I believe that through this perseverance you will receive good karma. Your only limit is you and you need to do what you love and be true to yourself

Shop the look:

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Clockwise from top left: Blazer, H&M, Wool Jacket, Zara, Brown mesh turtleneck, H&M, Relaxed Trenchcoat, Burberry, Black Satin Skirt, Zimmermann, White Dress, Massimo Dutti, Brown boots, Sutrah, Brown Slipdress, Zara, Camel Blouse, H&M

To contact Nitzan about her services you can reach her at Instagram, Facebook, call on 0508298004 or email her at

This profile was developed together with Nitzan, but most of the images have been pulled directly from this month’s editorial ‘Everything Goes’ by Nitzan and her team, Oz Barak and Shachar Scheiderman. Click here to visit the editorial ‘Everything Goes’ to find out what trends to watch in the upcoming Fall Winter season.