Spotlight on Hadas Dikshtein


It’s hard not to get pulled into Hadas’s orbit. She is open, creative and immensely positive. Equally philosopher as she is stylist, Hadas Dikshtein juggles clients, projects, her own business and many mentoring and collaborative projects in addition to her beautiful family and she does it with a huge smile, with deep faith and an infectious personality.

To speak of her load wouldn’t do it justice, but our editorial this month, Fast Forward, is a testament to it. During this last month, Hadas not only created, produced and modelled for the editorial she also organised Jerusalem’s first fashion event for the soul- fusing fashion with a holistic experience including music, food, spa and spirit. Join us and get to know the woman behind the handle @hadasinnerstyle.

5 minutes with Hadas

1.   Do you consider yourself a stylist, personal shopper, influencer or blogger or all of the above?

A stylist, blogger, producer, fashion entrepreneur and owner of the Rika Brand. 

An earlier production, styled by Hadas Dikshtein and photography by Maya Oshri- Meshel

An earlier production, styled by Hadas Dikshtein and photography by Maya Oshri- Meshel

2.   Where did you grow up? Tell us a little bit about it

I was born in Tel Aviv and grew up in a small settlement in the Shomron. When I was a little older, my parents moved to Raanana where I spent my adolescent years. This is probably why I love the Tel Aviv atmosphere, but also my occasional quiet.

I was born into a family that really appreciates fashion- 3 generations of design and styling. My grandmother was a fashion designer in the ‘50’s, and my mother was an interior designer who later became a stylist and started her own women’s clothing business.


3.    When did you start on this blogging/styling journey?

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 17.28.03.png

At the age of 14 I had already traveled with my mother to Milan as a buyer to choose a collection for her studio store. All my memories are wrapped up in fashion and Jewish spirit.

My personal brand Rika is in fact named after grandmother Rika, who was the most influential figure in my life professionally, mentally and emotionally. So I can’t say that I had one defining moment, but I can say that the social media has helped me a great deal to break into wider audiences and reach many more hearts. 


4.    Are you surprised by the feedback and your growing followers? Why/why not?

The truth is that it is always surprising and exciting to see how God takes us hand in hand and leads us exactly down the exact path for us. So I am happy about my wide audience and thank God for it every morning. It is not easy to be independent, it involves a lot of hard work, but it is worth every minute.


5.    What do you love most about this work? Is there something you hate about this work?

I am a free woman, and to work as an entrepreneur, stylist and a fashion producer allows me to be my own boss and completely be myself. But of course, the endless marketing thing in this profession is tough sometimes- I have learnt it quickly and most importantly I have learnt to be precise and understand what is best suited to my personality. It’s worth it though.


6.     As a successful woman and presence on social media, how so you see your role in representing women, empowering women or other areas for women?

In recent years I have learned counselling, Jewish psychology and Chasidism (Hasidism) because I think that the world of the stylist blends perfectly the internal and the external world. These are very much entwined and can not be separated. Whether I am with my clients, or when I am writing, or in the midst of my various fashion projects, I see the whole person standing in front of me. I try to look into their heart and see what moves them and only after that we talk fashion.

Believing that I'm not here just for myself, but that my skill and mission is to bridge gaps and forge connections between the interior and the exterior, between the spirit and the material.


7.     Who is your favorite blogger and why?

In general, I do not have one blogger that I'm a following-  I can take inspiration from anyone and everything; painters, fashion designers, architects and everything that is beautiful or aesthetically pleasing. But if I had to choose I love Leonie Hanne.


8.     Do you have a favorite designer? Why?

I am colorful in my personality and my style. Gucci knows how to take the world of color and textures and turn it into an art that can be worn- this is amazing.


9.    What is your all time favorite piece of clothing?

A really hard question… apparently jeans… forever ...


10.  The Israeli fashion industry has undergone massive changes in the last 5 years, have you noticed? Can you explain it?

Right! It's really amazing. We are a special people! Tons of talent circulates among the Jewish people and it only just starting to become evident. As in all fields, fashion is moving fast and aspiring as high as possible and this is amazing.


11.  Favorite space to be in? 

My home with my children and my husband. In the end it all begins and ends with our foundations- this is the source of my strength.


12.  What makes you feel beautiful?

My parents instilled within me great faith in myself and in my abilities and when you believe in yourself you feel like you are the most beautiful in the world !!


13.  Tell us about a time in your life of great coincidence (hashgacha pratit)? 

Wow! (I believe) God is always watching and I felt God’s strongest presence when we lived in the US (we relocated for a few years). Being out of Israel, we challenged ourselfves and I felt I grew and developed and that there was someone sitting up there, guiding me with great precision.


14.  What does a typical day in your life look like?

There is no such thing. In my profession every day seems a bit different from the other. I can say that every morning I get up at seven (I'm supposed to get up at six-thirty. It does not work for me if my husband does not throw me out of bed.) I arrange the children and my day, which could be all about photographs, client styling, personal shopping or  other work meetings and collaborations. 

15. Chocolate - milk, dark or white?

Definitely, dark.

16. Fur or no fur?

Fur and as much as possible.

17. Ugly sneakers or not?

Look, you’re the prettiest when you are happy but these sneakers are killing me!


18. What are some of your upcoming future projects or collaborations?

The truth is that at this moment I am working on a stunning project that has been cooking for me for a long time- a fashion party with lots of soul (Nov 6). It will be the first fashion event in Jerusalem that is all encompassing the woman- an inspiring lecture, a diverse and amazing pop-up shopping area, a pampering massage corner, a DJ sweet, bar and many more surprises. What motivated me to create this type of event is that this is an event that every woman should give herself- an opportunity to embrace herself and to love herself.

I always have projects on, this year I have already done a lot of fashion productions and until recently I had a column in a women's magazine where I also wrote content and also produced fashion photos and I really enjoyed this combination. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 16.12.25.png

19. Where do you see yourself in 20 years.

Hope to be in good health and continue to influence the world positively.

20. Do you have a piece of advice to share with our readers (about anything)?

I will share with you the best advice that  I received years ago and that I continue to offer my my clients- be exact! Be exact and precise with your heart. Without being selfish, do what is right for you. It is only from there that you can move forward with all your strength.

I think this is just as true in life as it is in fashion. I believe my style and my clothes are a mirror of my soul. Yourself clothes should reflect who you are and exactly what you want.

Get to know Hadas here or contact her directly on 0523826232, email her at or find her on Instagram @hadasinnerstyle and to visit Hadas’s editorial Fast Forward, click here.