Chava Kuchar


Chava Kuchar, BA Fine Arts, BA Art Ed

Chava is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Wrapt Magazine.

Chava was born in Jerusalem, but grew up in Australia where she worked in education for over a decade. Her experience spans teaching High School level Art, Design, Religion and Philosophy, lecturing at the University of New South Wales and consulting on various creative and educational projects. Chava has now returned to Israel, where she shares her work/ life balance with her husband and fellow creative, Ari, their three sons and the growing Wrapt Community.

5 minutes with Chav

Who were you named after?

I was named after my great-grandmother, Eva, who passed away the same night I was born. My parents gave me Yifutt, as a middle name because it was the name I would have had had I not been named after my grandmother. It turned out for the best because I grew up in Australia with the name Chava Ben-Avraham, Yifutt as a first name, would have pushed us all over the edge.

First item you splurged on and what age?

Growing up in a single parent income home, I hustled to buy everything I had- working from the youngest age possible, spending pocket money, buying from thrift stores. None of which was memorable until I bought a pair of ¾ denim jodhpurs, or peddle pushers, which were about $100 from Just Jeans when I was 14 or so, the joke is that because my taste has always been that little bit out there compared to the mainstream consumer, they were on sale at the end of the season. So my takeaway there was if I can be patient, I can normally find my finds on sale at the end of the season.

What book are you in the middle of (or last read)?

I seriously can’t remember, for every book I read, I read about 10 magazines, my time is restricted and attention short thanks to my lovely distractions (kids) so Journal and Magazine articles work better for me.

Favourite space to be in?

Any place that will feed me without me needing to cook or clean after

Fave food?

Sashimi, chocolate and fresh white bread or any bread in general

One word you would use to describe yourself?


Chocolate - milk, dark or white?

I don’t discriminate

Where did you grow up?

My formative years were in Perth, Western Australia, literally in the middle of nowhere, it was a wonderful place to grow up and I was supported by a wonderful community

Who is your fave blogger and why?

Just one…umm, there are too many, but top of the list is Pierre M’pelle who goes by @PAM_BOY and definitely Mint Journal, which takes fashion blogging to an higher and more intellectual level. One of the founder and editor’s of Mint Journal, Irena Lakicevic is the epitome of an 'IT girl' and she works with her sweet and stylish hubby, so I have serious couple goals envy from them. I also love The MaMu, Daniel and Ofir, a gorgeous Israeli couple who invite us into their world, their taste, their travels and their style, and like Irena and her husband, I love that they do it together. Julie Zerbo, the lawyer and superhuman behind The Fashion Law (TFL), a kind of industry watchdog- I don’t know how she does it or who her team are but she is all over everything to do with establishing and fleshing out law in the world of fashion and design. TFL covers everything from model welfare and outdated beauty norms, to the #metoo movement and the industries role in it, to sustainability and copyright infringements everywhere.

There is also a young kid from Texas Subhi Taha @SubhiTa, he reminds me of every talented student I have ever taught, I enjoy watching him think, share, be, I admire his conviction and his aesthetic sense is abnormally refined for someone his age. Also, photographer Adam Katz Sending is something else- I have been following his blog for more than 8 years and now that I am on Instagram and I get to actually follow all of his oversharing my appreciation has only grown ten fold.

You can take one person to a deserted island - who do you take?

Why would I take any person to a deserted island?

Do you have a hobby?

I collect people

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

A funky white haired safta (grandmother) that sleeps the whole night through and travels whenever she fancies

To fur or not to fur?

Not, it’s unnecessary, let’s all heed Stella McCartney’s example