TV 2018: The List 


By Chava Kuchar


It started with 5 shows you need to binge watch before summer but then thanks to a nasty obsession with TV, some pooled suggestions and a couple days off, the list unfolded into 14 must see shows of 2018.


You’re Welcome!



1. Killing Eve

It’s dark, like really dark, but like a good dark chocolate it’s the perfect amount of bittersweet!

2.    The Handmaid’s Tale

Based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, this dystopian thriller sees an annexed country turn totalitarian rule, viewing women as property. But like this country, our words just won’t do it justice, so check it out!


3.    Dear White People

I will admit it got a little strange this last season, but who doesn’t want a good conspiracy theory in their topical social drama!?


4. Queer eye for the straight guy



5.    Blackish

In my opinion, it is still the best and most accessible social commentary around- served with a side of comedy


6.    Riverdale

A dark take on the Archie comics we grew up with- but I am hooked on the ridiculously tumultuous world of the Riverdale youth and wider community.



7. Glow

Absolutely brilliant! Set in the 80’s, with big hair and bad fashion, this is the story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It’s critical and it’s unexpectedly hilarious thanks in part to Alison Brie, Marc Maron and a stellar cast of fresh faces. I highly recommend it!

8.    The Let Down

The actual closest thing I have ever seen to capturing the ups and (let) downs of motherhood. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…so I did both!


9.    American Woman

There is something nostalgic about watching Alicia Silverstone in another dated drama. Once again she is showing us she is woman and women can do it all…the struggle, the hustle and the triumph.




10. Pose

The series Pose isn’t just bringing back the art of Voguing, it’s bringing us back to a very important conversation about the misinformation and miseducation of HIV and AIDS surrounding the LGBQT community in the 80’s.

11.  The Good Girls

A hilarious and twisted show that follows the narrative aesthetic of Weeds. Some 'Good Girls' fall on hard times and decide to rob a supermarket in order to solve all of their problems, the rest is a ridiculous twist of terrible decisions and certain consequences.


12.  Dynasty

I am not sure what is better about this show’s revamp- the epic costume budget or the OTT drama!? Either way it's great entertainment.



14. Sweet Bitter

Based on a book by the same name, it’s a coming of age story about a small town girl who moves to the city. Given this over explored plot, what stood out for me was the subtle, if not perfect character development and the beautifully captured moments of deep human observation.

13.  Claws

Claws is something else entirely- it's what you might imagine a crossover show between the Sopranos and Duck dynasty would look like. It’s the even seedier underbelly of the already seedy underbelly- set in the Floridian South it follows mafia, drugs, money laundering and about all the red-necks you would never want to come across in your life.