Nikki Kinstlinger

Nikki Kinstlinger (nee Lowe) started her career as Cosmopolitan Australia’s Fashion Office Coordinator, before moving on to Iconic Aussie magazine, Cleo, as their Fashion Assistant. From there she simultaneously took on the role as Market Editor for both Cleo and Dolly Magazines, before making the switch from editorial to digital. Her first digital role was as Associate Producer for the Shop till You Drop website until she found her way back to Cosmopolitan as their Online Fashion Editor. Over the last two years she has been busy co-creating little humans, and finding new ways to quench her thirst for creativity. She lives in Bondi, Australia, and is a proud Jewish woman navigating her way through a life of religious observance.

5 minutes with Nikki

Who were you named after?

I actually don’t think I was named after anyone! I do know that my mum originally had the name Annabelle chosen for me, however, when I was born and she saw the resemblance to my older, mischievous sister, she decided there was no way I could have such a sweet a name as Annabelle! I believe Nikki was the next choice (and also suggested by said older sister!)
My Hebrew name is Nava, which I actually had to choose for myself upon my conversion completion. It’s a strange thing to choose your own name, especially when it is usually considered a divine gift at birth, so I stopped looking through lists and said a prayer to “just send me my name when you’re ready and i’ll know.” After this, on two separate occasions, two different friends who had not conversed about the subject said to me “your name should be Nava.” I took these as the divine signs I was waiting for.

First item you splurged on and what age?
My whole life I felt like money was always tight (because, well, it was) so designer threads and accessories always seemed like just a dream. However, when I was working as the Fashion Office Coordinator at Cosmopolitan Australia, I constantly pined over a black leather Alexander Wang wallet with gold hardware corner details. So, after I FINALLY managed to clear a bunch of credit card debt (which at one point seemed impossible given the wages I was earning) I rewarded myself with that dream wallet. It was $500AUD from memory, which to me seemed totally exorbitant for something so simple and small. I must have been 25, so it wasn’t even that long ago (I am 30 now). So much can change in such a little time - It was a slippery slope after that purchase!

What book are you in the middle of?
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin! I am pregnant with my second child, and after such a positive labour experience with my first, I want to read everything I can to try and have another positive experience. Even before I had a baby I was always so intrigued and amazed by women’s bodies and their abilities during pregnancy and childbirth. I knew that when I did fall pregnant I wanted to surrounded myself with positive, uplifting information to put me in the right frame of mind and Ina May Gaskin is a pioneer when it comes to midwifery practice and drug free births. The intrigue continues in this second pregnancy and I have a feeling it will be with me for life.

Favourite space to be in?
Not that it happens often, but I love sitting in my bed, drinking tea and looking out the window over Bondi, getting a moment’s silence. A good book is the cherry on top, especially on Shabbat!

Favourite food?
When I’m pregnant: everything. But otherwise, I have a huge penchant for any Asian style foods, which is actually a little torturous living in Australia because we don’t have any kosher Asian restaurants here. I also have a serious ice cream addiction.

One word you would use to describe yourself?

What does a typical day in your life look like?
First and foremost, it’s doing all of the things required to take care of my 18 month old son. Beyond that, I try to find time to curb my creative side, especially now that I am no longer in the workforce. Whether that is outfit coordinating (ok, yes fine, that includes shopping) party planning, table decorating, or personalised gift giving, I am my happiest when I am finding ways to create something special, individual and representative of me and my personal taste.

Milk, dark or white Chocolate?
MILK! Keep it classic.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a town called Dubbo, in rural New South Wales, Australia. It’s a town that is actually pretty big (50,000 people when I was there, but more now), but has that small town mentality. The summers were insanely hot and dry and the winters were brisk, but not cold enough to snow. We tend to grow up pretty fast in the country, encouraged to figure things out for ourselves and get the job done! We made our own fun, watching football games on Saturdays and eating hot chips with gravy on Sundays, but we all had jobs from the moment we were old enough to work! It really was a healthy balance of fun and responsibility, which is something I have carried with me until now. The friends I made in my hometown are still the closest friends I have, despite us all going our separate ways since school 12 or so years ago. The upbringing I had set me up to be able to tackle anything and everything on my own after i left home for the big city once I finished school in 2005, and I am so grateful for my grounded beginnings.

Who is your favourite blogger and why?
Working in the magazine industry, it was hard to watch bloggers shoot to the spotlight, because I had jumped through so many hoops and internships and university classes to get to where I was… and I was still at the bottom! So I think I refrained from divulging bloggers too much. It wasn’t until I stumbled across Leandra Medine from Manrepeller, when I felt like I had found someone who not only had an incredible sense of style, but who was also creating meaningful, thoughtful and intelligent content. Yes I love to look at killer outfits, but I also love to read good writing, and her style of writing resonates with me and mine. I know she is a world-wide favourite and household name these days, but she will always hold the number one spot for me because of these things.’