Lessons Learned From The Street: A SS19 Street Style Roundup


By Nikki Kinstlinger

If there’s one thing social media has taught us when it comes to fashion month, it’s that the style on the streets is just as noteworthy as the looks on the runways. 

So when the photographers and cameras are out in full force, we can certainly trust that the Fash-Pack will peacock harder than ever and bring their street-style A-Game to our patiently waiting screens, and they didn’t disappoint. There were endless amounts of ooh’s and ahh’s coming from my mouth as I scanned the hundreds upon hundreds of sartorial snaps. To post them all would be both a mammoth and pointless task. 

So when I was asked to do a round-up, I had to really ask myself, what is it that’s grabbing my attention this season? What is going to set one incredible outfit apart from the next?


Well, first of all, I wanted to see a sense of effortlessness-  to show restraint and still make me double tap. As I said before, the fashion elite, from the editors to buyers, influencers to celebrities, love to pack it on for the cameras, so sometimes it can feel like I’m being bombarded with every trick up the power-suit sleeve.

Secondly, I love seeing outfits that sing to the location. There’s a real sense of geographic identity at each major city, and embracing those stereotypical quirks always inspires me and my own wardrobe. I love that the Italians are still that little bit “extra”. The New Yorkers have an edgy, youthful playfulness. The French need to showcase that innate je ne sais quoi as if they barely even thought twice, keeping it a little bit “old Celine”, if you will. And the Brits? They showed me the plaid, the punk, and we called it a day.


Images 1-5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8, Image 9, Image 10, Image 11

Enough talking, you want the tachlus tips. Well,  we saw some covetable trends which we’ll start to see trickling further down the supply chain (thanks, Zara, am I right?). Python was the animal print of choice, popping up in apparel and accessories alike. And if snakeskin boots aren’t really your thing, then I can assure you a fresh pair of white ones will be the next best thing on your lust-list this season. We had pops of neon, power suiting and feminine tones of purple and pink at every turn. Even the trickiest colour on the wheel had it’s time in the sun, with orange bursting onto our screens in the most wearable way. Denim done differently was a refreshing take on a classic, while plaid had somehow managed to reinvent itself for the umpteenth time. Speaking on reinventions, who would have thought the classic Fendi logo would ever be cool again? Because in case you missed the memo, it is, and I’m here for it. But if it's cool, calm and casual, you’re after then fear not, because sleepwear is daywear and floating ethereal dresses will be your most comfortable, breeziest must-have.


Fresh off the streets and straight to our hearts, with not a single runway in sight, here is a combination of looks spanning four of the most inspiring weeks from the fashion world this SS19 season. 

Image 1-7, Image 8, Image 9, Image 10

Photo credits: All Vogue credits will have the same link for that specific fashion week, all other credits are listed with specific links.