Ariella Zirkind

We have been in awe of Ariella’s writing and her platform 100 Blessings for a while so we are thrilled that she has joined the Wrapt Community. Ariella is a Rebbetzin and Kallah (Bridal) teacher on the upper west side of Manhattan. She has a BA in Judaica and a Masters in Public Administration. 

5 minutes with Ariella:

1. Who were you named after?

Ariella was just a name my parents liked, but my middle name Bracha is after a relative named Blanche. I've always been a little sad they didn't just name me Blanche because I think I could have worked it. 

2. First item you splurged on and what age

I don't think I've splurged yet! I grew up thrifting and it's still my favorite way to shop. That feeling when you walk into a thrift shop with an excellent linen section? Vintage pillow cases are my love language. 

3. What book are you in the middle of (or last read)?

I just finished rereading Eight Girls Taking Pictures. It's one of my favorites and gives voice to the different spaces of motherhood, marriage, and art that so many women are constantly moving between. 

4. Favorite space to be in?

Outdoors, anywhere green. 

5. Fave food?

I don't really have a favorite. I appreciate all good food and am always happy to be fed. 

6. What is in your bag right now?

Wallet, keys, and a vegan chapstick. Please dont ask me what I'm lugging around in my stroller.  

7. What makes you feel beautiful?

I always felt beautiful right after delivering my children. I also have that feeling after an amazing workout. Feeling beautiful is a moment when your brain and your body aren't at odds, and for me that comes easiest through physical exertion and challenge. But anytime I'm thinking of my body as a capable teammate in my life, I feel present and proud of the body I'm in. 

8. All time favorite piece of clothing?

The perfect red heels. 

9. Do you have a hobby?

Working out! I never used to described exercise as a hobby because we live in a world where exercise is a female obligation. But I maintain that you should only do the things that make you really happy and working out makes me really happy, so now I acknowledge it as the hobby that it is. 

10. What drives you as a person?

I'm really driven by my faith and my committment to Torah values. I also have a passion for social justice and just humanity at large. I believe that people need care and that they deserve to be cared for, and that pushes me forward. 

11. To fur or not to fur?

Never fur! Unless it's thrifted or a family piece. 

12. Kate or Meghan?

What an impossible question. I'd rather wear Meghan's clothes but if I was getting to sit down with one of them I'd choose Kate.