Charlotte Coren

Charlotte Coren, BA Hispanic Studies, PgD Journalism, contributing editor at Wrapt

Join Charlotte as she shares lessons learnt on her truth-seeking journey from Manchester, England to Pardes Hana, Israel, with numerous stop-offs along the way. Charlotte lives with her tecchy husband and four small delicious children. She navigates life as a newly religious woman seeking divinity and healing in this crazy, beautiful world. 

5 minutes with Charlotte:

1. Who were you named after? 

The red setter (dog) that lived next door. Unfortuntely I am not joking.  

2. First item you splurged on and what age?

A handmade pair of leather boots (still wearing them 12 years later!). I was 23 when I bought them and spent 150gbp which felt like a fortune.

3. What book are you in the middle of (or last read)?

Here I am - Jonathan Safran Foer 

4. Favourite space to be in

My garden

5. Fave food?

Peas in the pod

6. whats in your bag right now?

I'm too scared to put my hand in it, but ok.... a nappy, bottle of water, notepad, siddur, a sock, a onesie and 2  cards from a pack of uno. inside zip pocket: burts bees pomegranate lip balm & a pen. 

7. What does a typical day in your life look like?

Messy. Lots of clothes, dishes and scattered toys. Far too many whatsapp messages and screen time. Far too many times in and out of the car. Plenty of bodily fluids that do not belong to me and as much coffee as I can without feeling too guilty. Bedtime (probably later than I planned/wanted)

9. Where did you grow up? Tell us a bit about it...

Manchester, England. A little suburb called Whitefield, with a very warm, connected Jew-ish community. Secular, traditional. I had a great childhood. Lots of friends. Lots of fun. 

10. What makes you feel beautiful?


11. You can take one person to a deserted island - who do you take?

Can I go by myself?!

12. All time favourite piece of clothing? 

My handmade leather boots!

13. One word you'd use to describe yourself?


14. Do you have a hobby?

Torah (Bible)

15. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

B'ezrat HaShem (God-willing) living a healthy, holy, creative life surrounded by family, community and grandkids tfu tfu tfu!

16. What drives you as a person (need to word this differently)?

The search for authenticity, connection, truth, compassion and gratitude. Love.

17. To fur or not to fur?

Obv not! Although my dad used to be a furrier and I used to love wrapping myself up in all his fur coats. There was clearly a cognitive dissonance that I was rubbing my face in a dead animal's skin but it felt so good and soft I can see how a young me didn't mind.

18. Kate or Meghan?

Do we really need to choose? I think they are both intelligent, strong & beautiful women.