Dinah Kraus


Dinah is many things; she is a speech pathologist, fashion creator, entrepreneur, active listener and advice giver and mother to five beautiful and diverse girls. She is also one of our founding members and occasional contributor.

Dinah lives in Tel Mond, Israel with her husband and children where she balances motherhood, work, netball and whatever else life throws her way.

5 minutes with Dinah

Who were you named after?

Dinah in the Tanach (bible). My mother's name is Leah and I was born around the weekly Parsha (Bible portion of the week) when Dinah is born to Leah and Yaakov (Jacob)

First item you splurged on and what age?

High heeled, 3/4 length, black leather boots, lined with red leather from Mollini in Pitt St Mall. They were $160 (in 2000 that was a lot of money!) and I was in year 11. Malka (a great childhood friend of mine) and I skipped school after our orthodontist appointment (we had them conveniently synced so we went for appointments together) and went shopping. 

What book are you in the middle of (or last read)?

I'm always in the middle of Harry Potter. I like re-reading them. I've even read one in Hebrew (it took me 6 months).

Favorite space to be in?

In the shade in summer and the sun in winter, looking into the distance at the horizon. Inhaling gratitude. Exhaling Joy. Or, on the netball court with my J-Town team, preferably winning (sorry I have two).

Fave food?

Good chocolate Ice cream

One word you would use to describe yourself?

ummmmm.... indecisive

What does a typical day in your life look like? 

Get my girls to school (I have 4 daughters). Work on various job (I have a few). Get girls from school. Afternoon with girls, bed time. 

Chocolate - milk, dark or white?

Cadbury - milk, or white. No other chocolate worth eating really.

Where did you grow up? Tell us a bit about it...

Sydney. I grew up in Bondi. Growing up, I thought most people who lived in Sydney were from the Eastern Suburbs. Does that explain how I grew up?

Who is your fave blogger and why?

An old blogger who no longer blogs. http://katiedid.squarespace.com/ Unfortunately, she stopped blogging in 2010 because someone stole all her photos and claimed them as their own. I follow a lot of sewing blogs, but this is still my favourite. She is amazingly creative and skilled and inspiring.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Rare selfies with my daughters. I'm not a selfie taker on the whole.

You can take one person to a deserted island - who do you take?

Shmoo (my husband) - cliched but true...

All time favourite piece of clothing?

A denim skirt that I had in high school, It was two toned denim red and blue. Sadly it disappeared. 

Do you have a hobby?

Sewing for my girls.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Hopefully relaxing

What drives you as a person?

I guess life... there's not much you can do but face it!

To fur or not to fur?


Kate or Meghan?

Tricky... Meghan as she was as Rachel at the beginning of suits – a strong, intelligent, highly capable woman.