The Real Revolutionaries

By Chava Kuchar

To paraphrase Elie Weisel, ‘when adults wage war, children pay the highest price’, so when the generation next are the first to rise to the occasion and try change the path forward then we need to pay attention. The change that youth try to elicit doesn't always have to be a march on the capital. There are subtle forms of political change too. It may seem trivial, but it's worth taking note of how youth respond to the world through creative art forms. Afterall, when fashion and art (can be) "a bridge between cultures, people and reality, it is the beginning of a synergy”.

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This is the rationale behind the new collaboration between two young Israeli designers who are individually already worthy of your attention, but together, will make even sweeter music. Their new collection “Urban Gypsy” will be shown at a pop up show and store in the shuk in Jaffa on the 11/3 and will be available after this online.

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Kobi Golan is the namesake designer behind the label Kobi Golan. Golan creates customized fringed and buttoned pieces that I, personally, long for. I came across his exceptionally detailed works when I was hunting a jacket that I saw one of the super talented AWA sisters (a plug for another day) wearing. Golan’s pieces are a perfect modern take on the native desert culture of the Middle East- they evoke a time, place and costumes long past and yet utterly current.

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Amarat Altoree is the designer behind Arabesqua, an apt name for designs as ‘arabesque’ is a term used to describe long linear interlacing flourishes and surface motifs often associated with 9th century Islamic art. Which is fitting as Altoree describes her brand as one which focuses on creating modern, modest, one-of-a-kind pieces using ethnic and tribal traditions of embellishment.  

Similarly to Golan, Altoree creates ready to wear handmade garments that combine ethnic aesthetics and contemporary basics. She explains that she “knew her path from the beginning” having come from a long sewing tradition and background of seamstresses and I for one, am grateful that she answered her calling.

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If it isn’t already obvious the most joyous part of this collaboration is that these two Israelis are from different realities - Golan an Israeli of Jewish descent from Rishon LeZion and Altoree an Israeli of Arab decent from Ramle - a small city south of Lod. Despite their different backgrounds and all of the noise and the many, many reasons for separation and division - they chose collaboration. They chose to create something new for us and I implore you to pay attention and give them your support.

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