Representation Matters: Diversity Amongst Muslim Women

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By Asma Aiad

One of the reasons why I love photography is because I find it the most meaningful way to express myself and my world. As a Muslim woman of color, I am used to being represented in a way which does not truly reflect my reality. Within my community and amongst my peers we share this struggle- often we are reduced to stereotypes and misinformed tropes. We are used to being talked about, described and misrepresented. They will try tell to convince you and the whole world that this is you; this is how you look like, this is what you are, you may even you start believing it, but remember: this is not you. You define you.

It is for this reason that we have to use every single opportunity we get to define ourselves before we are defined by others. Create your own self-image, start representing your own world, start sharing your reality, start telling your own story. Photography is just one of the ways I can to do that. Tell me, what’s your way?


All photographs a by Asma Aiad.

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Asma Aiad is blogger, youthworker, photographer and activist. To contact Asma you can find her here or at her website.