My Wrinkles Are My Stripes: A Letter To My Younger Self

By Sara Jane Adams

Dear Sara Jane,

You are not your body, your body is a gift you have been bestowed in order to traverse this planet earth, in order to discover, to express, to be, who you really are. 

The energy of you is not contained by your body, although sometimes you can use your body to reveal a small something of who you truly are.

This body, your vehicle, needs to be cherished, loved, respected and accepted graciously.

It should not be abused, neither by yourself, or by others.

It should be cared for, maintained through healthy, natural practises.

It should be allowed to grow, expand, produce, decay, wither, and finally let you go, go onto to another state, another energy, another existence.

Be thankful for this body, daily, for in the here and now, it is all you have which allows you the freedom to be.

With daily love and gratitude,

Sara Jane

Sara Jane is an entrepreneur, intrepid traveller, mother and model. Sarah Jane started modeling in her maturity and she shares her experiences and wisdom here and here.