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A Media Release by the IFDCouncil on February 18, 2019 

Following the successful launch of the Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane, The Retail Summit Edition, the IFDC Awards ceremony was held at the W Hotel, Palm Jumeirah on Wednesday 13 February 2019. On this glamorous night, guests were decked out in leading designer wear, IFDC Award winners were announced following an exhilarating discussion on a panel with leading Women In Retail from The Retail Summit; all held at the mesmerizing SoBe Terrace where the sunset served as the picturesque backdrop to a very special evening.

Each award winner received the incredible opportunity to travel to Portugal, all expenses paid, for a sourcing trip to the renowned designers’ haven event, MODTISSIMO.

Initially the prize was meant to be awarded to 3 designers, but seeing how brilliant all the collections were, the Modtissimo management generously increased their prize sponsorship to add an additional 3 designers yielding a total of 6 IFDC Awards winners all together!

When asked about what influenced their decision in choosing the IFDC award winners, Elsa Dionisio, a representative from Modtissimo stated that it was in no way an easy choice, "All the collections showed excellent craftsmanship and class. The prizes are awarded to those designers whose collections displayed an individualised identity and demonstrated respect to the modest fashion industry, fully appreciating that the designer may not necessarily come from that background we appreciated their skill and understanding of this coveted global consumer market".

The selected brands Pose/Arazzi, IFF and Lamace will visit the February edition of Modtissimo, and Ehtiros, Raishma and Talabaya will be attending the October Edition. All designers will be privy to the best in sourcing, industry networking, and development opportunities through this prize. The management at Modtissimo has taken care of arrangements that they believe will provide the IFDC Award winners an experience that will lend invaluable support to their businesses and further development.

Pose/ Arazzi  by Hessa Ozair

Pose/ Arazzi by Hessa Ozair

Talabaya  by Mirka Talavoskova

Talabaya by Mirka Talavoskova

Lamace  by Stacey Woolnough

Lamace by Stacey Woolnough

Ehtiros  by Adriana Croveto

Ehtiros by Adriana Croveto


About Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane

The launch event of  Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane in 2018 set the fashion world alight, by transforming the way fashion is enjoyed by, buyers, fashion aficionados, influencers, general audiences and international media with immersive 360-degree high tech show experiences of 35 international designer’s collections using 15 screens and over 25 projectors rendering projection mapping, LED, and water screen holographic effects. The week-long extravaganza, supported by Dubai government’s Islamic Economy Development Center made front page news around the world and led to numerous successful retail collaborations, including the iconic Le BHV Marais and Debenhams hosting a Pret-A-Cover™ section with IFDC designers in their stores. 

About The Retail Summit

Explore retail’s convergence with technology, experience  and  hospitality at The Retail Summit, the biggest event of the year, bringing together over 600 senior representatives from the top global retailers. The Retail Summit facilitates discussion across the global retail ecosystem including how to innovate, embrace digital and build an agile  organisation , enabling the industry players to thrive in this environment.  

About IFDC

Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) is the world’s leading modest fashion and design council representing the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. With a global presence in several countries, IFDC promotes and supports the players of the modest lifestyle industry, through an array of initiatives, services, government and private group partnerships, media, effective training programs and more. It is a platform designed to ensure the success of Islamic fashion and design in the global marketplace.