Hannah Hebron



Hannah graduated in Fashion Branding (marketing) and Journalism and whilst she is shining in both fields she is currently turning her attention to the Body Positive movement with her IG Vlog (video blogging) and modeling. 

5 minutes with Hannah

Where do you live?

I currently live in Tel Aviv, but before I lived in Rio de Janeiro and Natal. I move every time I feel that I need a new challenge, that's what got me to Israel. It was a dream to live here since I was 15, so now I'm making the best of this experience and I truly think I found my place here in TLV! The reallocation is always hard, especially because I'm so connected to my family and friends, but thank Gd the internet existis!

What are you currently working on/ projects in the future?

I am working on my Youtube channel Vlog, where I'll talk about the things I already speak on Instagram about Feminism, Body Positivity, career struggles and this kind of Girl Power stuff I live and breath by! I'm also starting (I'm such a beginner) on my career as a curvy model. Plus size has opened the way for women who had often been dismissed, and although I am not necessarily a plus size woman (they suffer way more prejudice than me), growing up curvy was also really difficult. Our society likes to put women in a box: either you're skinny and fit or fat and sick. People always say they are saying stuff because of your health, but truly it's because it's hard to accept different aesthetics, but we're here to break that, baby! All women should feel pretty, accepted and loved! 

Who were you named after?

Actually, my name was supposed to be Sophia, but my mom dreamt with the name "Hannah" on the week i was born (and i was born prematurely, so it's one of those magical things) 

First item you splurged on and what age?

Does a trip to europe counts? When I was 19 i had enough money saved and took an one month trip through Europe with my best friend. Fashion wise it was this ridiculously high heels from brazilian shoe designer Alexandre Birman when I was 21. Had to save my intern salary and wait for the sale!

What book are you in the middle of (or last read)?

I just finished "Estúpida, eu?" ("Stupid? Me?" In a free translation) from brazilian blogger and business woman Camila Coutinho and I can only tell you: wait for the version in english, because it's such a delicious and informative reading for people that want to start an internet business! I also just started to read this novel about a young girl and her professional path "A lady's guide to selling out", by Sally Franson. I am all about reading things that will give me more and more motivation to excel on my career plans right now. 

Favorite space to be in?

With my mom, grandma, sister and aunt at my grandmother's beach house in Northeast Brazil

Fave food?

Anything my mom cooks (she's a wonderful chef)

One word you would use to describe yourself?

Kind (even if it means people will call me "too good" or even stupid. Kindness first)

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Wake up, have my cereal and coffee, read Fast Company, open some newsletters and off to work listening to some podcast. After work I go to the gym to do some pilates (not everyday though), go home, take a nice shower, cook something delicious and watch a good movie or series (I'm now hooked up on a series called "The Bold Type")

Chocolate - milk, dark or white?

White, but my lactose intolerance only gives me permission to eat the dark one. 

Where did you grow up?

Tell us a bit about it... Natal, in Northeast Brazil, a beautiful coastal city. I grew up in a all women's house and would often travel to my mom's hometown: Manaus, in the middle of the Amazon. I had a great and beautiful childhood and teenage years and being raised by women made a confident and happy woman (and feminist)

Who is your fave blogger and why?

Camila Coutinho and Bruna Vieira from Brazil. Camila is a self made woman from the Northeast of Brazil (homegirl) and Bruna is a writer that started with a book about adolescence and how crazy it is to grow up, and we're the same age, so I kind of feel like she's a close friend! 

What makes you feel beautiful?

Treating my skin well and eating healthy. I don't diet anymore and don't rely on makeup anymore (although I love makeup, I take it as a fun accessory), so eating healthy and taking care of my skin works best for me! 

You can take one person to a deserted island - who do you take?

My mom! (I hope my grandma, sis, boyfriend and aunt don't read this haha)

All time favourite piece of clothing?

The dress I wore to my sister's wedding. Even though I'll probably won't wear it gain, I kept it and it brings me so much joy to even remember that day, for sure it's my fave! 

Do you have a hobby?

Cooking to the people I love! 

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

With a career that will not only make me proud, but will have helped people along the way! 

What drives you as a person?

Doing good and being the best I can in everything I do. I like to be the best not because of competition, but because when you put your best into the world, I believe it'll be right back at you!

To ugly shoe or not ugly shoe?

Uggly shoe for sure! But there's always a limit! I would never do crocs! 

Fur or no fur?

Never ever in a million years!