May/ June Wrapt

The lead up to Ramadan (May 15-June 14) has the fashion world in a tizzy, it feels like we have a mini, mid-seasonal fashion festival. Not only is every big fashion platform worth their salt in on it, it seems only to be fueling the trending modesty conversation. Of note, and in a timely fashion, is The Modist’s launch of their own collection label Layeur. “Layeur is a brand that was created by the community of women, by listening to them and by capturing data about their needs. Our knowledge has evolved and progressed, and we now have an even clearer understanding of what this woman is looking for” said Ghizlan Guenez, founder of Modist.

But it’s not just their savvy new line, or epic business success, it’s how they are slaying. Their new collection, modelled by a range of women, who’s appearance, age and religious levels differ dramatically is inspired! People, representation matters! It’s so simple, they managed in one even swoop of the hand to identify and achieve what is desperately needed in fashion marketing whilst simultaneously highlighting what their competitors are failing to do, which is to cater to the masses. 

Take Asos, an international online retail empire, who’s price point is far more 'mass friendly' and look at how they have managed to create an ongoing and loyal audience by similarly catering to the diversity of its audience. Asos designs and manufactures clothes for all body types and they are slowly integrating diversity across the platform by showcasing each of their designed items on the body of petite, tall, plus size and average body types. Additionally, they also represent other smaller brands who cater to diverse audiences in a similar manner. Yes, it seems so simple and yet it is overwhelmingly hard to find. 

For example, this last month, Zara, the Spanish retail giant launched their augmented reality app ‘shop the look’ and with all the potential the retail oriented-PokemonGo for adults had, it fell sorely short of the bar, opting for more painfully thin, rake like models displaying the clothes. Why tap into the technology of limitless potential just to underwhelm? Why not use this technology to provide its users with actual mirrors of themselves? Why not provide the options of size, shape, height to create an augmented reality that actually reflects reality? As consumers, the power is actually yours, give feedback, demand more and support those who support you.

In other news, this month I am off to Paris for a couple days so expect some travel tips and shopping trips. Also, we are sharing with you our wonderful meeting with Israeli/ Russian creative director, fashion and design advocate and UCLA’s influencer of the year Roza Sinaysky.

We want to wish everyone a beautiful month! To our Jewish reader’s, we wish you a meaningful Shavuot and to our Muslim reader’s, we wish you a meaningful Ramadan and Eid!


Chav xx

Chava Kuchar, Editor in Chief