Slow Cooked Lamb with Fennel and Parsnip cream



Slow Cooked Lamb with Fennel and Parsnip cream




5 lb Boneless Leg of lamb / Lamb Shoulder


Fennel ferns

Mustard powder





High quality zip lock bag

Joule or Anova sous vide

One large pot or bucket

Plastic wrap


6-8 medium sized Parsnips

2 large Fennel bulbs

½ cup shelled Pistachios /

3-5 Mint sprigs

1 tbsp Maldon flaky salt (substitute for 1 tsp kosher salt)

Zest from lemon (you can substitute it for any citrus fruit)




Step 1: Set up your Joule/ Anova. Fill pot with water. Set temp to 165F  And time to 18 hours.

Wait for water to reach Desired temp.

Step 2: Place Lamb in good quality zip lock bag. Add rosemary springs. When your sous vide hits the desired temp of 165 (you'll get notified on your joule app, or you'll hear a beep from the Anova) add the bag to the water. Lower bag till it hits the bottom of the pot, and the air is released. Seal zip lock. Cover pot with glad wrap to avoid evaporation

Step 3: When 18 hours is complete and lamb is cooked take bag out of  water. Empty contents of the whole bag, juices included, into a large bowl. The meat should be very tender and soft, pull apart with your fingers and let the meat soak up all the juices. No need to discard the fat, pull it along with the meat and let it melt in together.

Parsnip and fennel cream:

Peel parsnips. Cut fennel bulbs into quarters. (discard the long green ends at the top of the fennel, but keep fennel ferns - dill looking greenery, for serving)

Place in pot and with salt and water just enough to cover, bring to boil and let simmer til soft, about 30-40min. Remove from hit and strain ¾ of the liquid. Blend with vitamix or similar blender not hand held, in order to achieve that creamy texture. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Mint and pistachio Gremolata:

In bowl add finely chopped mint. Roughly chopped pistachios, add Lemon zest and salt. Stir with little olive oil and put aside for serving.

To serve:

Place parsnip and fennel cream onto a large platter. With a slotted spoon, place pulled lamb on top of the cream. Scatter with pistachio and mint gremolata and fennel ferns over entire dish.