5 more minutes with Roza Sinaysky

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By Chava Kuchar


Roza Sinaysky is a contributing fashion editor, stylist, brand consultant, ambassador and just generally, a woman at the top of her game. Last month we caught up with her in Tel Aviv about her projects, adventures and favorite things.

What drives you as a person? Knowing I can help other people achieve their goal.


Chava Kuchar: What was the first piece you bought? 

Roza Sinaysky: Probably a bag…oh it’s so interesting I can’t remember…I worked in a clothes store as a teenager and then at Vogue and I got some much free stuff…but I love bags.

CK: What book are you in the middle of (or last read)? 

RS: Yehaduton (laughs), being a a Jew 101, like Judaism for dummies. I am interested in my heritage and traditions, it’s part of my growth and the Rabbi and I want to know why we light candles and keep Shabbat.

We learn nothing at school here, I hope it’s changed, but the stuff we learnt has nothing to do with anything, like the test asks ‘who said what and why and what does that have to do with anything?’

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CK:Favorite space to be in? 

RS: A car in California, maybe in Zara’s Maserati on the highway.

CK: Aren’t you scared to drive on those highways? 

RS: No, I don’t have a license 

CK: Fave food? 

RS: Affoghato, Vietnamese and Japanese, every day, in any form.

CK: What does a typical day in your life look like?  

RS: This is a good question! Maybe it will help me understand how my day should be…I wake up pretty early, Modeh Ani, yoga, a little bit like 10 minutes, I watch the news, nothing is passing by me, I watch the Israeli news, I then watch CNN and then I watch the Russian news and then I start to work once I know there arn’t any wars. I have a lot of meetings during the day that take me out of the house and so I answer all the emails before I start otherwise I feel quite anxious. I try do most of my shoots and works until 7, because 7 is my magic hour and I love being outside around that time and on a perfect day I would have a glass of wine with me outside. Then I will go home and start another round of emails or work until bedtime. And bedtime I have a whole routine too.

Complet Bags

Complet Bags

CK: Chocolate - milk, dark or white? 

RS: Definitely Dark 

CK: What makes you feel beautiful?

RS: 2 things- a man who is looking at you like just fell from the sky, that makes me feel very beautiful and probably being dressed like I see in my fantasy – like I will put a dress together with accessories in my mind and I will look how I imagines, how I did in my fantasy and I am like “wow, I am my own dream girl”.

CK: I didn’t want to ask you any questions about relationships but that is a pretty profound statement that a man can make you feel beautiful- have you had any of those moments recently? 

RS: Yes, I have (Roza hesitates emotionally about this share) but I was taking it for granted and when I left to go New York I suddenly realized I wanted him to look at me like that again and it was too late, he was in a relationship with someone else. 

But men, especially Israeli men, they don’t really have an appreciation for fine things, for most men who see me they see me and they see expensive, they see Chanel and Prada, like someone bought it for her and like she is going to finish my savings. And then if it is a man who does have an appreciation for it, they are vain and they expect you to look like that all the time. Or, they are into models and are Nouvea-Riche and thats just not my type.

CK: If you can take one person to a deserted island - who do you take? 

RS: The Guy (that guy)- it’s never dull with him, he is a one-man show, so funny but also profound.


CK: All-time favorite pieces of clothing? 

RS: Asking a sentimentalist to pick is cruel…my Frock black silk slip (@thefrocknyc) is great (and I have) a lot of jackets that I love and I have a Prada dress from the runway is wonderful and the young designer pieces for fashion shows are great and one of a kind.

CK: One word you'd use to describe yourself...

RS: Moody (with a laugh)…or the opposite of a moody

CK: Do you have a hobby? 

RS: Hip hop.

CK: I am sorry, what!?

RS: Yes, if I wasn’t in fashion I would joining a hip hop tour and help produce or organize tours for them

CK: So who are your favorite artists?

RS: 2pac, he left such a legacy and he was so smart and everything he said 25 years ago still apply today, Kendrick Lamar, Logic- he talks about depression and anxiety and has a helpline and speaks motivationally to kids. I like these rappers who arn’t playing up the bad boy image. There’s also a new guys called Jake Hall…

CK: Where do you see yourself in 20 years? 

RS: Working with kids, married, not divorced in a nice big house probably with a pool or a garden with lots of guests and a dog or a bunny …with the guy or still in the island with The Guy

CK: Kate or Meghan?

RS: I met Kate, I dressed Kate and I haven’t met Meagan, but I think she is cooler because she is changing the game, she is wearing no sleeves and you can’t do that, you are going to make GamGam angry. She is quite a rebel, no?

CK: What drives you as a person? 

RS: Knowing I can help other people achieve their goal.

Photo by Rotem Lebel, for LeOfficial Russia, Outfit by Lara Rosnovsky

Photo by Rotem Lebel, for LeOfficial Russia, Outfit by Lara Rosnovsky

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