Summer Hits: 5 Israeli Musicians You Should Know


By Shirat Starkman


So, you may know the classics, you may even know some of the newer favorites, but this summer get to know the freshest Israeli talent here. Here are my picks for the top 5 Israeli musicians and songs of summer.


1) Dudi Bar David – Kol Ha’chalomot Tfusim

In the last few years, Dudi Bar David has been a hot name in the Israeli music industry. He has collaborated with the biggest artists in Israel, such as Rita, Shlomi Shabat, Ivri Lider, Yuval Dayan, Mooki, Miri Mesika and many more. And after years of hard work and strong mentorship he was finally acknowledged by the Israeli radio and since this song has been played on loops.


2) Liron Amram - Halom Yashan

Coming from a musical family, it was only a matter of time before he started to do his own thing. So it’s no surprise that Liron Amram found a way to combine Pop, Dance, Mizrahi and Disco all together into a unique sound. His live shows are always happy and festive and the crowd can’t stop dancing.


3) Static & Ben El Tavori – Stam

Not sure this duo needs to be introduced, but just in case – they are Israel’s biggest stars atm (actually, for the last 2 years and have been releasing new singles every few months without ever releasing an album). And in recognition of  the hot ticket that they are, they recently signed a worldwide contract in America for the next ten years, in which they are reported to be committed to  releasing 7 albums.

Recently, Static and Ben El's song “Stam” was covered by another Israeli band called Acollective, which usually plays indie rock. Following this, the cover became viral in the Israeli indie music scenethat had not payed too much attention to Static & Ben El before, but started appreciating their music after this cover


4) Omer Adam – Shney Meshugaim

This last year, Omer Adam broke every Israeli record in terms of sold-out shows (and we won’t mention the fans that got hysterical about not being able to get tickets to his 30,000 sits venues shows). Every song he releases becomes a huge hit in Israel and outside, so if you happen to manage to get tickets to his show – don’t hesitate and go see the sensation live!


5) Arutz HaKibud – Muzarnik

One last hot trend in Israel is the Rap/ Hip Hop/ Pop style that became very popular in Israel in the last few years. One of many artists who have played with this fusion is the band Arutz HaKibud - 3 hilarious guys whose songs are about life in Israel complete with music video for giggles - even though their songs are parodies, the production is top level and their music is very catchy. I would really recommend their music because it provides an unusual insight into the wider and nuanced Israeli culture and society.